About Us

Detail Geek is not an ordinary car wash/valet or grooming company, it was established purely based on founder Stone Liu’s true passion and perfectionism in presenting the art of auto detailing. He believes every car in New Zealand deserves a better shine and protection rather than just washing off dirt and dust. For this reason he brings in high-end auto detailing concepts, techniques and technology from Europe and USA where detailing industry is more mature.

Detail Geek is not a franchise and it will never be. Just like most of the world’s top detailers, we will not risk our reputation by compromising service standard for more profit. Every car handed to Detail Geek will receive the same high quality service using the same professional products of which you can literally search details and reviews online. You know what exactly was used and done to your car with our photo or video tracking every step, total transparent = peace of mind.

Cleansing the car is always the first and important step of the whole detailing process. Detail Geek uses washing methods that most people are not even aware of. Complete decontamination from large particles like dirt and dust to invisible iron fallout which is collected during daily driving on every car. With highly professional tools and techniques, we are able to safely clean your car without incurring extra wash marring (swirl marks) which are commonly seen after "scratchless" automatic or hand car wash.

Besides detail cleanse, we are specialised in paint correction and the cutting-edge protection coating application. We rectify paintwork defects, scratches,car wash marring, swril marks, holograms (which was caused by unprofessional machine cut and polish, can be seen under direct sunlight), orange peel effect and oxidised dull/colour faded surface to near perfect condition prior to protection coating treatments (CQuartz Finest or PolishAngel® Glasscoat™|Cosmic|9H) as to achieve flawless gloss and maximum durability* of protection.

Detail Geek is New Zealand’s first (and Wellington’s only) CarPro Authorised Detailer for CQuartz Finest application.
Detail Geek is New Zealand’s first (and Wellington’s only) Authorised Detailer for Glasscoat™|Cosmic|9H application.

*Durability depends on maintenance. CQuartz Finest or Cosmic|9H treated vehicles should be maintained by authorised detailers only. Warranty void if any abrasives or polishes is used on treated surface.

About Products We Use

We strictly use only the world's most professional and luxury car care products which are made in Germany, UK, Switzerland and USA. While you probably have not heard of those, it is simply because they are professional line products that are not available in local automotive retail stores, but you will still be able to search products' details and reviews online, no secrets hidden.

We do NOT use cheap silicon based products to cover up paintwork defects and give your car fake shine which will disappear in a few days and be ultimately harmful to your car's paintwork.